The Red Cross Box

A recent Red Cross survey found that 93% of Americans are not ready for a disaster. That's because Red Cross kits are expensive and most people don't know how to build their own. So we took a logo everyone recognizes and folded it into something tangible to bring the Red Cross into every household with a customizable preparedness kit.

red box full3.png

The Message

The box encourages people to gather their survival items in one place. After filling the box, 
consumers can place it in a hallway or near a door, as an everyday reminder.

box close up.jpg

In-Store Placement

The box hangs as an iconic logo outside partner stores. After purchasing, consumers can collect emergency items inside the store or gather them at home. Each box sells for $5, and all proceeds go to the local Red Cross chapter.

box in store.jpg

© 2016 Ryan Holland