A friend of mine was starting an agency in Austin and came into contact with a very successful gentleman who was converting his 13,000 acre hunting ranch into an unrivaled five-star hunting experience and needed help creating a logo. After doing an extensive exploration, below is where we all landed.

The primary logo was inspired by the primer section of a shotgun shell. This spurred circle gives a masculine yet sophisticated feel and denotes the attention to detail you would expect from such a meticulously curated experience. Baskerville felt like the perfect choice for the “J” and “L” (the initials of the owner and his wife). It’s timeless and feels formal without being too ornate.

The “coat of arms” was created to accompany the logo for placements that required a quick visual read. When you put the coat of arms next to the primary logo it reinforces the aesthetic motif by giving it that side by side shotgun look.

Using the design of the logo and the coat of arms, we also derived custom signage for each section of the resort.