At EVB, my partner and I pitched and won International Delight Coffee Creamer as a client. Here are few of the ideas from the pitch and a couple that we even produced.

The Free Coffee Project

Instead of giving traditional coupons on I.D. creamers, we wanted to give a discount on the coffee they put it in, so we proposed setting out to find all the free coffee in the nation with the help of I.D.’s spokeswoman, Donna. From muffler shops to real estate offices to banks, people could pin free coffee locations to a map and help the community save a little extra cash. 

Pinterest Board Games

Every day, people on Pinterest pin the things they want, but may never have. Until now. Introducing International Delight Iced Coffee Board Games, a Pinterest board you can play.

Results: On the day we launched we received over 13,000 unique visits to the Board Games Pinterest board (without any media support). Since then, the games have been played over 275,000 times and featured on many blogs.

The Flavor Behind The Flavor

The idea started out as creating interviews with flavorful celebrities who’ve done for the Internet what International Delight does for your coffee cup. As the idea progressed it turned into interviews with flavorful fans and was retitled, Hey, America! What’s your I.D.?

Iced Coffee Iced Skating Rink

An event to kick off International Delight’s Iced Coffee line. We wanted to give one lucky city an I.D. Iced Coffee Ice Skating Rink that looks delightful and smells yummy.

Fifty Shades of I.D.

A Pinterest page that gives women a new, fun way to talk about coffee, using a language they’re already familiar with. It’s called “Fifty Shades of International Delight,” a board with fifty color swatches for the fifty different shades available in your morning cup. And each comes with its own fancy name and a mug to match. 

Results: A ton of likes, repins and a Gold Addy.

Kitty Cat Taste Test

I.D. drinkers are always debating which flavors are the best, so we wanted to put our flavors in the ring with the toughest connoisseurs of cream we could find, kitty cats. Watch live on the web as I.D.'s wide variety of flavors compete for the attention of our kitty cat judges.