My partner and I won a pitch for Godiva while at Pereira & O’Dell. Our campaign, “It’s more than just chocolate,” included a new photography style, a new typographic style, their first-ever tagline and a variety of activations.

It was based in the idea that Godiva is an affordable luxury and should therefore be presented in a premium, but approachable way.

Big shout out to my friend Matthew Wyne for helping with the calligraphy. He has a great write-up on his process here:

We created a detailed 60 page set of guidelines for the campaign. It even included rules for international use, a step-by-step guide to creating a poster and a massive library of assets including headlines for a large variety of occassions. To the left are a few excerpts from the guidelines.

We also presented a variety of activations that helped us win the pitch. One of our favorites was The Infinity Box. A new product akin to Victoria Secret’s Fantasy Bra. It would be a solid gold box that could be refilled infinitely with the ability to be passed down generations. We were going to launch it by auctioning off the first one for charity.

We also provided work to show how the campaign could extend year-round into other seasons. Here are a few examples from the Valentine’s Day work we presented.